Catering Services St Louis

Catering St Louis, MO
Catering St Louis, MO

Catering Services St Louis with 35 years of successful experience, Candicci’s Catering Service, St Louis, MO

Catering St Louis – Candicc’s Restaurant and Bar has been providing top-rated catering services for more than 35 years.  Our Italian cuisines are traditional, authentic and has been popular to local St Louis residents and visitors for more than 35 years.  We cater for a minimum of 10 and there is no maximum.  We will work with you to assure that we customize a menu that fits your desired atmosphere and budget.  Our goal is to help make your event a success, regardless what type of event it might be.


We offer catering for the following types of events in the St Louis, MO area:

  • Corporate Events
  • Wedding Showers
  • Wedding Dinners
  • Corporate Events
  • Retirement Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Corporate Training Events
  • Employee Appreciate Dinners and Lunches
  • Employee Lunch Buffet – Pizza Buffet is popular

Candicci’s is a 35 plus year old catering St Louis company that specializes in wedding, corporate events, retirement and anniversary parties.

When you hire a catering service company need somebody that has experience and can see the same vision that you see when you imagine what your event will look like.  We can help assist with every aspect of any event from something as simple as designing your menu and delivering the cuisines to helping you find the right entertainment.  We simply have access to it all.  We have relationships with some of the most prestigious venues in the city to help our clients create the atmosphere they need to create the event they want.

Bob Candice, owner of Candicci’s, takes a lot of pride in Candicci’s Catering Services as it is a significant portion of our overall business.  Therefore, we will go the extra mile to assure that our customers are satisfied, regardless what type of even it might be.

Candicc’s Restaurant and Bar is an upscale Italian restaurant that offers some of the finest Italian cuisines in a fine dining atmosphere.  We are located at 100 Holloway Rd, Ballwin, MO.  Additionally, we offer pizza delivery and ONLINE ORDERING.  If you’re going to order pizza online, order the best pizza online – Candicci’s Restaurant.  Call (636) 220-8989.

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