Candicci’s Acquires Award-Winning BBQ ASAP


Candicci’s Restaurant and BBQ ASAP

Ballwin, MO: Candicci’s Restaurant is excited announce that they have acquired the brand BBQ ASAP.  Our future plans are to offer BBQ ASAP for catering and special events as announced on our website and social pages.  The acquisition of the BBQ ASAP brand, trailer and recipes is planned for catering and special events.  You will see the award-winning trailer and smoker in our parking lot.

The founder and bbq competitor will remain involved with the bbq catering to train and evolve the BBQ ASAP brand.

Future plans are that we have secured additional footage in the same plaza that will be used for catering, pizza and BBQ carry-out and delivery from phone and online orders.  Some minor modifications will be done to accomodate our plans, but it should be functional within a few weeks.  Additionally, we will be expanding our pizza selection to include some award-wining BBQ meats and sauces to create our line of BBQ pizzas.

There is a lot going on at Candicci’s enhancing our brand as well as taking on the BBQ ASAP brand.  We hope to have additional details within the next few days, but until then, look for our BBQ ASAP trailer and hopefully, we will have a night on the patio with some award-winning BBQ.