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Our Online Ordering System offers the best Italian cuisines, Pizza, Gluten Free Pizza & Pizza Delivery Ballwin, St. Louis, Ellisville, Chesterfield & Town & Country

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Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar now offers pizza delivery service and food delivery service featuring 12″ Gluten Free crust.

Traditional Authentic Italian Pizza – Fast Pizza Delivery – Delivered Hot & Spicy – A 35 Year Tradition – Gluten Free Crust – Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar.

Pizza Delivery Ballwin, MO – our pizza is regarded by many to be the best pizza in the St Louis metro area.  We now offer Pizza Delivery service to the Chesterfield, Ballwin, Ellisville, Wildwood and Town & Country communities.  Any place within a 5 mile radius of our restaurant, which is located at 100 Holloway Rd, Ballwin, MO 63011.

Our Pizza is traditional Italian Pizza made using the best ingredients available.  Our entire menu is available for delivery!

Visit our Online Menu Ordering System to view our pizza options that are loved by so many for more than 35 years.  Yes, we offer pizza delivery, but more importantly, we deliver hot and spicy traditional Italian Pizza unavailable any place else in the city.  Our secret recipe and top-of-the-line fresh ingredients creates the best Pizza available in the St Louis area – truly traditional Italian Pizza – only at Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar.

Candicci’s offers a St Louis Style thin crust or New York Style.  Additional toppings $1.00 each.  New York Style is made with Whole Milk Mozzarella Cheese while the St Louis Style pizza is made using Provel, Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese.

Four popular choices are:

  • 9″ Pizza Per Uno – St Louis style with one topping for $9.99
  • 9″ Per Uno – dinner combination with house salad for $12.99
  • 12″ Gluten FREE Pizza – one topping pizza for $12.99
  • 14″ Pizza – pick a topping and style of crust you prefer – St Louis Style or New York Style for $15.99

Traditional Pizza ToppingsPepperoni – Sausage – Hamburger – Chicken – Ham – Salami – Bacon – Anchovies – Shrimp – Crab – Mushrooms – Green Peppers – Caramelized Onions – Black Olives – Roasted Red Peppers – Broccoli – Asparagus – Tri-Color Peppers or anything else we have – just ask!

In addition to creating your own masterpiece, we have several that you might consider:

  • Angie’s Sicilian Pizza – Caramelized onions, roasted garlic, roasted red and yellow peppers and our special recipe Italian sausage – $15.99
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza – Zesty ranch BBQ sauce with diced chicken and caramelized onions topped with a drizzle of ranch dressing – $15.99
  • Chris’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza – Grilled buffalo chicken, caramelized red onion, mozzarella, provel, tri-colored peppers, ranch dressing and wing sauce – $15.99
  • Bruschetta Pizza – prepared with olive oil and roasted garlic pesto, topped with bruschetta tomato relish, provel, feta, mozzarella and cheddar – $15.99
  • Bob’s Special – a meat lovers delight!  Our special recipe Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon and hamburger – $15.99
  • Ryan’s Special – Zucchini, spinach, garlic, pesto, olive oil, red onion and grape tomato – $15.99
  • Greek Pizza – Olive oil, garlic, pesto, tomatoes and spinach, topped with feta – $15.99
  • Ella’s Pizza – a special pizza, pepperoni pizza for a special customer – $13.99

Our entire menu is available for online ordering and delivery.  

In addition, we offer appetizers, including some of the best Chicken Wings in town, Flat-breads, Salads, Sandwiches, Pasta’s, Stuffed Pasta, Pollo, Veal, Pesce, Pistecca/Porco, Heart Health items, Kids menu, family take-out specials and desserts.

To order online for carry-out or delivery please refer to our online menu ordering system for a complete menu with prices.  Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for delivery.  View our menu online.

There is a $4.00 Pizza Delivery fee, plus tax and gratuity in addition to the cost of the Pizza.


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